Lingerie - Petite culotte en dentelle noire avec perles de plaisir Hookup - PIPE DREAM - OSXL

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You know that big boost of confidence you feel when you've got a little something sexy on under your clothes? Want more of it? Great! Maybe it's time for a hookup - these spectacular Hookup panties from Pipedream, that is.

Showing off (and letting you show off) a classic, always flattering style with a cheeky twist, the Hookup Lace Boy Shorts with Pleasure Pearls don't just look great, they feel really, really great, too. The lucky wearer will feel a double row of firm little beads rolling and massaging with every movement, and if sex is in the cards, your partner will feel them, too. 

The poly blend Boy Shorts should be hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry. Fits sizes XL-2XL (10-18).