Barre d'extension - Secret Kisses - Spreader bar

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An over-the-top classy bondage classic ready to play any time and anywhere - in other words, just what you'd expect from the always-luxe Secret Kisses collection - the Spreader Bar hands all you dominant-minded partners a sexily effective way to keep a (consensual, of course) sub exactly where you want them. 

In gorgeous, glossy rose gold, the super-sturdy metal bar won't budge when each piece has been attached to the other. At each end, an included set of adjustable wrist or ankle cuffs twists onto threaded connectors, and won't budge once in position. Once they (or you) are locked to the bar, things get really interesting! The bar, aside from acting as a simple spreader, can also be used as a position aid - it's something to hang onto when someone's legs are up in the air, for example.

In phthalate free PU and nickel free iron, the Spreader Bar should be spot cleaned as needed.

*Assembled, the bar measures 26"/66cm. Cuffs adjust to fit most.